Recommended Papers

Many papers are under the final review process, We will intimate you ASAP after the review process.

S.No Paper ID Paper Title
001 ICMSSMT2022021 Numerical and experimental analysis on friction stir welding of the dissimilar materials 6061-T6 AA and pure Copper
002 ICMSSMT2022019 A Comparative study of interface material through selective microwave hybrid heating for joining metal plates
003 ICMSSMT2022017 Rapid Impact Assessment Matrix for Municipal Material Disposal for Agartala City- A Case Study
004 ICMSSMT2022A026 Sustainability indicators framework for the metal and mineral mining industry
005 ICMSSMT2022C005 Taguchi-based grey relational analysis of abrasive water jet machining of Al-6061
006 ICMSSMT2022059 Parameter optimization on WEDM machine of Oil Hardened Nickel (Non – Shrinking) Steel
007 ICMSSMT2022234 Analysis of Blast Resistant RCC Structure: A Review
008 ICMSSMT2022140 Multi Response Hybrid Optimization of Sustainable High-Speed End Milling on 89.7Ti-6Al-4V
009 ICMSSMT2022099 A Comparative Study of Cu/Ni:ZnO Thin-Film Sensor For NO2 Gas Sensing Applications
010 ICMSSMT2022129 Experimental Study of Stress Redistribution and Elastic Follow-up in FRP Structures
011 ICMSSMT2022122 Biomaterial based Medical Implants: An overview of its application in Healthcare System
012 ICMSSMT2022A058 Natural Gas As Most Reliable Energy Source for Sustainable Development: An analysis
013 ICMSSMT2022135 Mathematical Analysis of Mixing Index for 3D-Helical Micromixture with Rectangular Cross-Section by providing Convergent Divergent Profile
014 ICMSSMT2022114 Investigation and Characterization of Al6063/SiC Alloy for Property Enhancement Fabricated by Stir Casting Technique
015 ICMSSMT2022093 Modelling of Energy and Related Parameters during Milling: Review and Discussions
016 ICMSSMT2022A068 A Review on Stress Analysis of a Spur Gear using Photoelasticity and Finite Element Methods
017 ICMSSMT2022A070 Optimization and Thermal Analysis of Friction Stir Welding on AA6061 Aluminum Alloys
018 ICMSSMT2022A081 Characterization and parametric optimization of additive manufacturing process for enhancing mechanical properties
019 ICMSSMT2022A039 Study of impact of various process variables of Magnetic Abrasive machining in assistance with chemical etching on Complex Materials
020 ICMSSMT2022A016 Modeling and Simulation of Counter Electrode integrated EHD inkjet based micro-3D Printing System
021 ICMSSMT2022040 Effect of intermetallics on activation of MnO2-NiO incorporated Aluminium sacrificial anode
022 ICMSSMT2022061 Review Analysis on the Performance & Emission Characteristics of a Diesel Engine fuelled with Various Alternative Fuels
023 ICMSSMT2022A069 Effect of surface loading pattern on the monosymmetric beams at elevated temperature
024 ICMSSMT2022083 Fabrication of Al2O3 supported TiO2 membranes for photocatalytic applications
025 ICMSSMT2022A074 Ordinary Least Square Regression Technique for Predicting Wear Rate of EN8 Carbon Steel
026 ICMSSMT2022066 Distribution and Calculation of Residual Stresses in Mild Steel Using the Strain Gauge Hole Drilling Method
027 ICMSSMT2022063 Mixed Influence of steel fiber (SF) and metakaolin (MK) incorporation on mechanical properties of concrete
028 ICMSSMT2022A049 Oxygen and Nitrogen Separation by Novel Zeolite 4A / Polyether sulfone (PES)/Polysulfide (PSF) Mixed Matrix Membranes.
029 ICMSSMT2022A033 Optical properties of thermotropic liquid crystal dispersed with conducting polymer
030 ICMSSMT2022052 A Survey on Air Pollution Monitoring Using Machine Learning Techniques
031 ICMSSMT2022A032 Utilization of Food waste into Ethanol and Biodiesel
032 ICMSSMT2022055 Multi-objective optimization of Abrasive Water Jet Machining parameters for Inconel 625 alloy using TGRA
033 ICMSSMT2022057 On the use of metal-organic framework-based adsorbent from recycled PET bottles for Eriochrome Black T removal
034 ICMSSMT2022026 Life Cycle Assessment of Construction Materials and Its Environmental Impacts for Sustainable Development.
035 ICMSSMT2022A023 Investigational Work on Self-Cleaning Cement Mortar with Titanium Dioxide in Partial Replacement of Cement
036 ICMSSMT2022A018 Multi-Aspect Analysis Model for Medical Mobile Application Utilization and Recommendation
037 ICMSSMT2022047 Improvement in corrosion resistance of AISI 316L stainless steel weld cladding using GTA remelting technique
038 ICMSSMT2022C001 Performance of PSGWC-Bars and Other Rebars Reinforced Columns
039 ICMSSMT2022042 Synthesis and Structural Characterization of Zinc Substituted Calcium W-type Hexagonal Ferrite.
040 ICMSSMT2022011 Mathematical Modelling and Analysis of Temperature Effects in NEMS based Bi-Metallic Cantilever for Molecular Biosensing Applications
041 ICMSSMT2022A014 Utilization of Porous Asphalt Material in Road Construction for Reducing the Vehicular Noise
042 ICMSSMT2022A001 Influence of Mineral Phase Transformations on Strength Characteristics of Alkali Contaminated Red Earth
043 ICMSSMT2022C002 A Novel Data Security for Hospital Records Management using Internet of Things
044 ICMSSMT2022C003 Internet of Things enabled Block Level Security Mechanism to BigData Environment using Cipher Security Policies
045 ICMSSMT2022C004 A new pre-processing Technique enforced in Mobile Net SSD for object Detection with faster Execution in surveillance camera images.
046 ICMSSMT2022A037 Laser Induced Damage Study in Dye Doped Polymeric Films on Glass Substrate
047 ICMSSMT2022A025 Behaviour of fly ash and GGBS based Monoblock Prestressed Geopolymer Concrete Composite sleepers
048 ICMSSMT2022A004 Copper chalcogenides for rechargeable batteries
049 ICMSSMT2022A006 First time proficient use of CuS nanoparticles as photcatalyst for degradation of both anionic and cationic dye
050 ICMSSMT2022A011 Synthesis, Characterization of Ruthenium (III) Macrocyclic Complexes of 1,4,8,11-Tetraazacyclotetradecane(Cyclam) and invitro assessment of anti-cancer activity
051 ICMSSMT2022009 A Study on Bus User's Perception in Selected Indian Cities
052 ICMSSMT2022025 Effect of operating variables on slurry abrasion wear performance of fused nickel based coating
053 ICMSSMT2022030 Effect of Microstructure and Relative Hardness on Slurry Abrasion Response of Heat Treated En24 Steel
055 ICMSSMT2022109 Numerical finite element simulation and structural behaviour of cold-formed steel members
056 ICMSSMT2022A029 A Novel Framework for Automatic Caption and Audio Generation
057 ICMSSMT2022164 Evaluation of Machinability on Duplex Stainless Steel 2205 under Dry and Wet Condition
058 ICMSSMT2022139 Micropatterning using Maskless Electrochemical Micromachining
059 ICMSSMT2022152 Electrical Behavior of Working Electrodes Derived from Fly Ash Enriched Epoxy
060 ICMSSMT2022C006 Synthesis and Characterization of Co Doped Ti1-xCoxO2 {0 ≤ x ≤ 0.30} Solid Solutions
061 ICMSSMT2022A042 Multi-User MIMO& Beamforming with Carrier Aggregation for LTE- Advanced System
062 ICMSSMT2022113 Numerical Study of Conjugate Heat Transfer during the Impingement of an Inclined Jet System
064 ICMSSMT2022086 Viability of Cryogenic crumb rubber as the stability backer in the bitumen concrete
065 ICMSSMT2022B007 Graphene Aerogel Based Energy Storage Materials-A Review
066 ICMSSMT2022076 Covid Patient Isolation Violation Detector using Machine Learning Techniques
067 ICMSSMT2022A088 Utilization of coconut waste for production of activated carbon and its application as a low-cost adsorbent in environment treatment: A Review
068 ICMSSMT2022202 Bio-analytical method development and validation for determining cypermethrin content in cucumber using GC-FID
069 ICMSSMT2022200 A quantile regression approach to study the impact of aluminium prices on manufacturing sector of India during COVID era
070 ICMSSMT2022255 Microstructures and Optical Properties of PVA encapsulated Cadmium Selenide QD Synthesized in Non-stoichiometric Ratio by Green Chemical Route
071 ICMSSMT2022107 Investigation Of Magnetic Field On Conducting And Non-Conducting Surface Using Magnetic Sensor
072 ICMSSMT2022B013 Mechanical Strength Evaluation for Morsel Rubber Material Via Mathematical Models
073 ICMSSMT2022A091 Design and Fabrication of Motor Holding Device for the Prevention of Unsafe Working Conditions in Heat Setting Machines of Textile Industries
074 ICMSSMT2022064 Study Of Effect Of Residual Stress, Elastic Follow-Up & Stress Redistribution Using Whole Structure Approach
075 ICMSSMT2022A007 Corrosion resistant behaviour of titanium-molybdenum alloy in sulphuric acid environment
076 ICMSSMT2022136 Formability Analysis on Titanium Grade2 Sheets in Multi Point Incremental Forming Process
077 ICMSSMT2022186 Investigation on Thermal Analysis and manufacturing techniques of Disc Brake Using Autodesk Fusion 360
078 ICMSSMT2022187 Synthesis, Physiochemical and Spectroscopic Characterization of Palm kernel shell activated carbon (PKSAC) doped AgNPs (PKSAC@AgNPs)
079 ICMSSMT2022198 A Comparative Study on the Thermal and Dynamic Analysis of a Disc Brake using Ansys
080 ICMSSMT2022147 Experimental Evaluation of Concrete Confined with Hand Laid Carbon FRP Grids
081 ICMSSMT2022241 A modified discretized chaotic map and its generated pseudo binary random number
082 ICMSSMT2022123 A Permanent Magnet-Based Design for a Smart-Phone Self-Charger
083 CMSSMT2022205 Mechanical and Durability Properties of Biochar Concrete
084 ICMSSMT2022B002 Establishment of Mathematical Model to Predict the Dehulling Efficiency in Miniature Pulse Splitter Machine Energized by Human Powered Flywheel Motor using Dimensional Analysis
085 ICMSSMT2022269 Optimizing Processing Parameters of Stone Crushers through Taguchi Method
086 ICMSSMT2022191 Experimental Investigation on Concrete with Partial Replacement: Fine aggregate with Foundry Sand, and Cement with Fly ash
087 ICMSSMT2022144 Design & Analysis of Diaphragm for MEMS Based Pressure Sensors
088 ICMSSMT2022268 Design and Structural Analysis of a Passive Ankle-Foot Prosthesis with Manually Adjustable Stiffness and having Two Degrees of Freedom
089 ICMSSMT2022103 Design and Finite Element Analysis of AISI 4340 Alloy Steel Helical Gear
090 ICMSSMT2022111 Measurement of Color, Photometry and Electrical Parameters of Street Light LEDs
091 ICMSSMT2022128 Impact Of COVID-19 On Ready-Mix Concrete (RMC) Industry in Ahmedabad – A Case Study
092 ICMSSMT2022A097 Stress and bending analysis of a soft pneumatic actuator considering different hyperelastic materials
093 ICMSSMT2022098 Green synthesis of silver nanoparticles for nanobased bioassay for alkaline phosphate phosphatase
094 ICMSSMT2022165 Hydrochemical Interfaces Using Water Quality Index in Ascertaining Integrity of River Ikpoba, South-South Nigeria
095 ICMSSMT2022A098 A comparison of plane, slow pneu-net, and fast pneu-net designs of soft pneumatic actuators based on bending behavior
096 ICMSSMT2022265 Feasibility Study on Impact of Replacement of Natural Sand with Crushed Aggregate in Concrete Mix
097 ICMSSMT2022249 A guide to novice for proper selection of the components of drone for specific applications
098 ICMSSMT2022176 Comparative Analysis of Two and Four Blades Quadcopter Propellers based on Finite Element Method
099 ICMSSMT2022A035 3-D structure ionic membrane by using PVA/PSSA and banana peel as a dielectric medium
100 ICMSSMT2022272 Experimental Investigation on Machining Characteristics of EN24 Alloy Steel using Desirability Approach
101 ICMSSMT2022B027 Experimental Investigation on the One-Part Ash-Based Fiber Reinforced Geopolymer Concrete with Musa Basjooas Fiber
102 ICMSSMT2022256 Experimental study on mechanical properties of coarse graded soil incorporation with MICP process
103 ICMSSMT2022253 Shoreline Change Assessment And Forecasting Using GIS And Digital Shoreline Analysis System Along The Coast Of Machilipatnam, Andhra Pradesh
104 ICMSSMT2022A085 Evaluation of mechanical characteristics of polypropylene fiber reinforced concrete at elevated temperature
105 ICMSSMT2022B018 CFD numerical analysis of thermal hydraulic performance of rectangular solar air heater with combination of boot roughness
107 ICMSSMT2022018 Effect of Plastics in Applications of Bituminous Pavement: A Laboratory Study
108 ICMSSMT2022077 Sentiment Analysis using Web Scraping for Live News data with Machine Learning Algorithms
109 ICMSSMT2022068 Behavior of CFRP-strengthened RC beams with web openings in shear zones: Numerical Simulation
110 ICMSSMT2022A039 Machining/Finishing of super-alloys using Magnetic Abrasive Machining in assistance with Chemical Etching-A review
111 ICMSSMT2022A068 Stress Analysis of a Gear using Photoelastic Method and Finite Element Method: Review
112 ICMSSMT2022245 Electronegative warm plasma and material interaction under secondary electron emission
113 ICMSSMT2022036 Performance of PSGWC-Bars and Other Rebars Reinforced Columns
114 ICMSSMT2022138 Experimental investigation on the inhibition effect of AgNPs on the lactate dehydrogenase isolated serum of Ketogenic Diet people
115 ICMSSMT2022170 Multi-Objective Parametric optimization of FSW for Mechanical Properties of AA5083 Joints
116 ICMSSMT2022B049 The Role Of Vitamin C: From Prevention Of Common Cold To Treatment Of Covid-19
117 ICMSSMT2022185 8Ds Method of Problem Solving within Automotive Industry: Tools Used and Comparison with DMAIC
118 ICMSSMT2022223 Strength Prediction of Sustainable Concrete Incorporating Rice Husk ash by Using Regression Technique
119 ICMSSMT2022199 Recent Advancement in Sisal Fiber Reinforced Polymer Composites
120 MATPR-D-22-02834 Implementation of a SSI effects and Analysis of Asymmetric Plan Buildings with ATMDs
121 ICMSSMT2022B012 Sliding Wear Behaviour of Ni-5%Al Coating Deposited by Detonation Spray on IN718
122 ICMSSMT2022141 Mechanical and Metallurgical properties of Friction Stir Welded Austenitic Steel pipes in Position Control mode
123 ICMSSMT2022145 Menstrual Hygiene and Waste Management: The Survey Results
124 ICMSSMT2022184 Application of solar still for purifying water in rural areas using double channel purification method
125 ICMSSMT2022A030 Inverse litact domination in graphs
126 ICMSSMT2022247 Comparative Performance Analysis of Intelligent Controllers for Solar Tracking System
127 ICMSSMT2022B021 Inelastic materials and mathematical Variables for Obstacle Bridge Problem evaluation
128 MATPR-D-21-10503 Wind Turbine Performances Prediction using BEM approach with Jonkman-Buhl Brake State Model coupled to CFD method
129 ICMSSMT2022043 Piezoelectric Materials in Sensors: Bibliometric and Visualization Analysis
130 ICMSSMT2022A034 Structural Analysis and simulation of solid microneedle array for vaccine delivery Applications
131 ICMSSMT2022A043 Numerical Investigation on Lateral Movement and Axial Rotation of Mullions in Unitized Curtain wall Facades
132 ICMSSMT2022051 Reviews of Kinetics of Mechanochemistry: Theoretical and Modeling Aspects
133 ICMSSMT2022A028 Behaviour of Castellated Steel Beam in Lateral Distortional Buckling
134 ICMSSMT2022A079 Evaluate the Effectiveness of NaOH treatment on Mechanical and Water Absorption behavior of Natural Composites
135 ICMSSMT2022168 Total organic carbon analysis in water – a review of current methods
136 ICMSSMT2022117 Comparative Analysis of Hybrid and Metaheuristic Parameter Estimation Methods of Solar PV.
137 ICMSSMT2022213 A Study and Design of Standing Wheelchair
138 ICMSSMT2022183 Controlled Drug Delivery:“A Review on the Applications of Smart Hydrogel”
139 ICMSSMT2022A038 Fluid Flow Analysis In A Closed Loop Pulsating Heat Pipe-Simulation Study
140 ICMSSMT2022071 An Industrial Application of Cellular Manufacturing Using African Buffalo Optimization
141 ICMSSMT2022075 Categorical framework for implementation of industry 4.0 techniques in medium-scale bearing manufacturing industries
142 ICMSSMT2022B050 Analytical Modelling of 2 x 2 Twill Weave Carbon Fabric Reinforced Epoxy Composite Laminates
143 ICMSSMT2022097 Multi-output optimization during MQL based face milling of EN-31 Steel employing Taguchi coupled Grey Relational Analysis
144 ICMSSMT2022023 Experimental and Numerical Investigation of Laser-FSW Hybrid Welding Technique for High Strength Materials
145 ICMSSMT2022049 Effect of material characteristics on thermal, tribological and mechanical properties of high temperature cast iron coatings
146 ICMSSMT2022A031 Selection Criteria of Eco-Friendly Cooling Media using MCDM for Metallurgical Operations
147 ICMSSMT2022A056 Assessment of Temperature Impact on SDA Modified Bituminous Concrete by Non-Destructive Test
148 ICMSSMT2022014 Sustainable Development using Smart Technologies by Conversion of Cities to Smart Cities
149 ICMSSMT2022110 Efficiency of nano-pumice as an economical adsorbent to remove heavy metals from wastewater
150 ICMSSMT2022112 Study of Transportation Prospects and Safety Regulations of Hydrogen in Indian Context: a Green Fuel for Greener Future
152 ICMSSMT2022022 Non-Newtonian Flow through an Artery with Three Stenosis
153 ICMSSMT2022A057 Experimental Investigations of Abrasive Water Jet Machining on Hybrid Composites
154 ICMSSMT2022074 Design and Simulation of 4kW, 12/8 Switched Reluctance Motor for Electric Three-Wheeler
155 ICMSSMT2022096 Determination of Palladium in hydrogenation catalysts by Inductively Coupled Plasma Optical Emission Spectroscopy: Challenges and method modifications
156 ICMSSMT2022126 Design and Analysis of FSAE Full Aerodynamic Package
157 ICMSSMT2022209 Potent adsorbent prepared from Bilghia sapida waste material: Surface chemistry and morphological characterization
158 ICMSSMT2022236 Hydrothermal liquefaction of food waste to bio-oil over hierarchical Fe-Co-ZSM-5 catalyst for the circular economy
159 ICMSSMT2022154 Analysis of Conventional and FL based MPPT Controllers for a PV Systems
160 ICMSSMT2022197 Gas Permeation Properties of Nickel Nanoparticle-Embedded PPO/PVP Polymers Based Carbon Membrane
161 ICMSSMT2022142 Effect of Chloride and Blend of Chloride and Sulphate Salts on Workability, Early Strength and Microstructure of FA-GGBS Geopolymer Concrete
162 ICMSSMT2022015 Simulation and Testing of Antilock Braking and Autonomous Emergency Braking Systems
164 ICMSSMT2022B028 Cryogenic crumb rubber as an additive in the stability of bituminous concrete:A pilot-scale study